March 1, 2023

The YMH Boston Vignette

Watch the YMH Boston Vignette 5 video and take notes; you will use this video as the basis for your Discussion post. Based on the […]
February 28, 2023

Professional roles

Select a patient education document from your workplace and evaluate it based on the checklist on page 13-14 of this and share your thoughts
February 28, 2023

The surrogate role is not one that is frequently mentioned in recent nursing practice literature.

The surrogate role is not one that is frequently mentioned in recent nursing practice literature. Is that role as defined by Peplau relevant to nursing practice […]
February 28, 2023

Awareness of client quality and safety

Emphasis is on awareness of client quality and safety and in particular what is a “culture of safety.” Based on the review of the following websites […]
February 27, 2023

Hematological disorder

Pick one hematological disorder covered in this module. For this disorder, identify and describe three treatment strategies for the disorder.What challenges could arise in carrying out […]
February 27, 2023

Importance of teaching a safety concern

Focus on the importance of teaching a chosen safety concern in the pediatric population. Response in the discussion addressing the following questions:Determine the age and developmental […]
February 27, 2023

Adverse Childhood Experiences

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how can these impact children as they grow into adulthood?What are Trauma-Informed Care and the core principles, provide examples […]
February 27, 2023

Collecting the blood sample

ScenarioSarah is paged to collect STAT blood samples from 3West, Room 226. She arrives at the nursing station to pick up the lab request form for […]
February 27, 2023


-What is atenolol used for? -What tests/symptoms/signs are required before prescribing this medication? -Patient education? -What current research is being conducted related to this medication? -What […]
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