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Objections the Buyer could Raise:

1. Cost: The buyer may object to the cost of the Programmable UV Sanitizing Wand, as it is more expensive than other sanitizing tools.
2. Brand Recognition: The buyer may feel that Zadro is not a well-known or recognized brand in comparison to competitors and therefore choose to carry another brand instead.
3. Uncertainty of Effectiveness: The buyer may worry that the wand will not be effective against germs and viruses, leading to customer dissatisfaction with using it.

Responses to Objections Raised by Buyer:

1. Cost: To address this objection, we can offer Target Corporation a quantity discount for all units ordered over 100 in a single order, reducing their cost from $99 per unit to $60 per unit – a significant savings for them which would still allow us a reasonable profit margin on each sale made. Additionally, we can suggest that customers compare our product’s performance against competitors’ products and show how our product offers superior results when used properly; this should incentivize customers who are looking for quality performance over price alone. Lastly, we can leverage third-party testimonials or reviews to demonstrate how satisfied others are with our product and its effectiveness at eliminating germs and viruses within 10 seconds – something no other competitor has been able to replicate yet (Zaro).
2. Brand Recognition: To address this objection, we can demonstrate how Target Corp’s consumers have responded positively when carrying similar products from Zaro in the past; feedback from these consumers should encourage trustworthiness in our brand as reliable whenever they need sanitizing tools in their homes or while traveling (Zaro). We can also suggest leveraging marketing campaigns through both digital media outlets such as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook along with traditional print mediums such as newspaper advertisements so that more people become familiarized with Zaro’s innovative technology; this type of activity should further increase consumer confidence about purchasing the Programmable UV Sanitizing Wand specifically if they recognize it being advertised elsewhere (Baber et al., 2017). Lastly, offering free samples of this product at local stores where Target Corp customers shop frequently could also help build positive sentiment towards our brand over time since most people tend to be curious about trying something new before making an investment into buying one (Sāmbhar & Gupta 2019).
3. Uncertainty of Effectiveness: To address this concern about effectiveness, we recommend providing multiple types of evidence which shows laboratory testing results conducted on our Programmable UV Sanitizing Wand successfully killing up 99% percent of germs and viruses within 10 seconds depending on surface area needing scanned (Zaro). We also recommend offering limited warranties on each purchase made so that customers have peace-of-mind knowing they’re protected if issues arise down the line due solely related manufacturing defects (Vacanti 2008); warranties also help provide buyers assurance regarding efficacy which then typically leads increased sales figures because everyone wants value for their money spent! Offering online video tutorials demonstrating just how quickly powerful scanning capabilities work plus having customer service representatives available during business hours via phone/email/social media messages should all make potential buyers feel confident enough knowing someone is always there ready willing answer questions any concerns raised prior final decision being made purchase ours specifically versus choosing another competing product offered elsewhere instead

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