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A6) Strengths of Peacock:
a1. The first major strength of Peacock is its extensive library of content. It has thousands of hours of programming, including hundreds of hit shows and movies from NBCUniversal’s portfolio as well as exclusive originals across genres like comedy, drama, reality TV and more. This provides a wide variety of choices for viewers.

a2. Another strength is that it offers free streaming options in addition to its premium tiers which have been quite popular among consumers who are cash-strapped due to the pandemic or those who just don’t want to pay for streaming services but still want quality content. Additionally, the ad-supported version has no ads when streamed on tv devices such as Roku or Apple TV unlike other platforms where ads can be intrusive at times making viewing less enjoyable .

Weaknesses Of Peacock:
b1. One major weak point for Peacock is that it doesn’t offer any 4K UHD content and lacks some features such as offline downloads which Netflix offers in abundance along with higher resolution picture quality . This may make some viewers hesitant about subscribing to their service if they are looking for high-quality visuals and convenience especially given that 4K TVs have become increasingly commonplace over the last few years .
b2. Another weakness is that currently not all devices support Peacock yet so users who prefer certain platforms may find themselves unable to watch certain titles available exclusively on the platform leading them away from signing up despite being interested in what they offer . These limitations will limit its potential user base until support expands beyond these select few devices

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