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As a nurse, I can contribute to service within my organization and in the community by providing quality care to all patients. This means ensuring that every patient receives appropriate and effective interventions based on their needs and preferences. Furthermore, I will strive to stay up-to-date with new research, best practices, technological advancements, and trends related to the nursing profession so that I am able to provide care at the highest level of excellence. Additionally, I plan to use my expertise as a nurse educator by teaching classes or seminars on various topics related to healthcare such as preventive health measures and medication safety.

In terms of my areas of interest and professional development goals, I would like focus more on public health initiatives both locally and globally. As nurses continue expanding their roles beyond individualized patient care into population health management (Kunzman et al., 2019), there is an opportunity for me to use my knowledge base in prevention strategies like immunization programs or reduce disparities amongst vulnerable populations around the world through advocacy work (Stoltzfus & Diersen-Schade, 2017). With this experience comes greater awareness about how politics affects accesses healthcare issues as well as an understanding of resources available for those who need it most. By actively engaging in these initiatives both domestically and internationally, we can help ensure everyone has access high quality healthcare services regardless of race or socio-economic status (Banta & Bicknell 2016).

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