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Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. It is the world’s largest company by revenue, with US$514 billion for the fiscal year ending in January 2020. Walmart has 11,445 stores and clubs in 27 countries outside the United States as of June 30th 2019. It employs approximately 2.2 million people around the world. The vast majority of these employees are located in its domestic operations – only about 630 thousand are employed abroad (11% of the total).

Walmart’s financial performance has been impressive over recent years despite some hiccups during the recessionary period from 2007-2009 when same store sales declined on both domestic and foreign fronts. Since then Walmart’s overall financial performance has improved significantly due to a combination of growth initiatives targeting emerging markets such as China, Mexico and Brazil coupled with operational efficiencies achieved through cost-cutting measures implemented across its global network which include using new technologies such as robotics to reduce labor costs while simultaneously increasing automation levels at various distribution centers across five continents (Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean etc.).

The strong performance of Walmart’s international operations is one reason why it reported $514 billion in revenue for FY2020 – up 4% from last year – making it one of America’s most profitable companies; this number includes $122 billion generated by its international segment alone which constituted 24% of all sales for that period . Over 70% percent of those international revenues come from markets located outside North America including South Africa , India , Japan , China , Mexico & Canada . While Mexico remains an important part of Walmart International’s strategy – due to its proximity & cultural advantages – it has recently shifted focus toward Asia where it plans to invest heavily over next few years leveraging an already established infrastructure there consisting primarily but not exclusively Chinese marketplaces like SamClub , Seiyu Grocery Stores & Yihaodian eCommerce platform owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd..

Looking ahead into 2021 , Walmart continues to pursue growth strategies aiming at increased penetration into underserved markets worldwide while also continuing to use advanced analytics tools such as artificial intelligence ( AI ) driven demand forecasting models alongside big data solutions used extensively throughout organization aimed at helping them improve customer service experience along with more efficient inventory management practices . Moreover they plan on expanding their presence into additional countries located primarily within Middle East region leveraging existing partnerships with select retailers based out those parts regions namely KIPCO Group Kuwaiti Investment Company Standalone Retailer Almere Consumer Goods Company Qatar .) This move will potentially open up new avenues for expansion our focus beyond traditional brick-and-mortar retail model thereby providing customers access even wider variety products directly via digital marketplaces .

Moving forward towards 2022/2023 we expect see continued investments being made towards further development logistics networks / supply chains utilizing cutting edge technology such machine learning blockchain robotics autonomous vehicles …etc. . All these factors combined will no doubt help them reach desired end state i.e. develop comprehensive omnichannel shopping experiences both online physical locations enabling customers order / purchase items seamlessly irrespective geographical boundaries time constraints or payment options chosen therein ultimately resulting higher overall satisfaction rates so critical success today’s increasingly competitive business landscape

To conclude Walmart appears headed right direction terms progress innovation both domestically well internationally having firmly established itself leader industry thanks largely robust logistic networks integrated payment systems advanced analytics capabilities outsourcing services offered various stakeholders means increased profitability sustaining long term growth trajectory going forward

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