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One leader I admire who shares a few of my same leadership traits is President Barack Obama. One trait that we share is our commitment to improving the lives of others. As president, Obama worked hard to make sure all Americans had access to healthcare and strove for social and economic justice. Similarly, I try to use my position as an educator to not only help students learn but also provide them with helpful resources they may need in their life outside of school such as financial aid information or tips on how to find internships and jobs. Additionally, both Obama and I are strong believers in collaboration and cooperation. We understand that creating meaningful change requires working together instead of trying to go it alone. We work with others, listen attentively, encourage creativity, compromise when necessary, and work toward finding solutions that will benefit everyone involved.

The leadership theory that best matches my style is transformational leadership theory which focuses on inspiring followers through influence rather than relying solely on positional power (Northouse). The key concepts of this theory relate to inspiring followers by connecting with them personally; motivating followers so that they can reach their highest potential; leading by example; providing vision for the future; setting clear goals; allowing freedom within boundaries; caring about individual needs while still keeping focus on group objectives; recognizing accomplishments; encouraging open communication between leaders and followers; delegating responsibility appropriately; and rewarding excellence (Northouse).

I already knew about my leadership style that I am committed to helping others achieve success while focusing on creating positive change in the world around me. Additionally, I strive for collaboration among myself and those I interact with in order to create effective solutions that benefit everyone involved.

One new thing learned about my leadership style is the importance of delegating tasks appropriately so as not overwhelm individuals or teams with too much work at once or assign tasks without consideration for skill level or workloads. Transformational leaders must be able recognize what each person offers so they can delegate tasks appropriately while empowering their team members by trusting them enough allow them take ownership over certain projects or tasks (Northouse).

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