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Nike Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufactures, marketers, and distributors of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide range of sports and fitness activities. The company has developed an impressive promotional mix to give their brand massive exposure all over the world. In this essay we will be evaluating Nike’s current promotional strategies, examining their strengths and weaknesses as well as giving alternative strategies they could use in order to better reach their target audience. We will also explain how Nike can effectively make use of Social Media Marketing to help promote their products and services.

Currently Nike utilizes a combination of Above-the-Line (ATL), Below-the-Line (BTL) & Through-the-Line (TTL) methods in order to market its products globally. ATL methods include television commercials as well as radio adverts that are aired during prime time slots in order to maximize exposure for the brand on both local and global levels. BTL techniques such as event marketing or sponsorship deals are used by Nike to build relationships with athletes which ultimately increases its reputation amongst key stakeholders such as customers and suppliers alike. Lastly TTL techniques such as online campaigns have been widely implemented by the company enabling it reach out directly to consumers through its own website or via multiple social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter; providing them with information about new products / services releases while simultaneously allowing them interact with fellow customers in real time further strengthening customer loyalty towards the brand itself.

Although these strategies have proven effective at reaching out to customers across different regions worldwide there is still room for improvement especially when it comes to addressing customer needs more efficiently than before; something that traditional advertising campaigns cannot do due too lack of personalized feedback from audiences regarding specific topics related directly related product features or general design elements which would require direct customer contact either through phone calls or face –to–face meetings among other things .

In this regard some alternative promotional strategies that Nike could consider introducing into their existing mix might include:
1) Relationship Marketing – By utilizing Relationship marketing tools like Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). This allows companies like Nike hold onto valuable customer data collected from surveys which they can then analyze later on revealing patterns hidden within it helping them identify potential areas where improvements can be made; ultimately resulting in improved service quality overall thus creating stronger ties between both parties involved i..e., company/customer relationship wise .
2) Experiential Marketing – This technique involves engaging visitors using interactive games whereby participants get rewarded based on how successful they were at completing certain tasks set up by organizers beforehand thereby providing individuals with unique experiences no other form advertisement could possibly replicate successfully so far .
3) Digital Advertising – Nowadays digital advertisements are highly effective means promoting brands since people nowadays tend spend majority if not all of their free time browsing through various websites located around web thus making ads placed strategically appealing targets potential buyers present within those same sites hence increasing chances purchase decision occurring eventually once seen first hand by interested parties themselves looking buy similar items elsewhere else but here instead thanks accurate targeting capabilities available today compared years past when almost impossible pinpoint precisely what types things people bought most often times anything else thought relevant prior being exposed latest fads trends happening nearby area reside at moment currently living currently residing plus other bonus benefits come along joining bandwagon formerly mentioned above just name few examples whole idea behind tactic itself given great success rate obtained implementing right away properly followed instructions laid previously mentioned statement start finish end goal desired outcome anyway therefore should always strive achieve maximum value output achieved trying proactively stay ahead competition consistently deploying tactics already mention earlier topic discuss throughout paper entirety document writeup discussing subject matter particular even though plenty many reasons exist why bother doing theory begin applied reality actual situation before getting started let break down entire process steps follows next below section devoted part whole strategy plan outline exact perfectly aligned goal everyone agree upon moving forward finally attempt accomplish objectives goals set forth starting point begin journey accomplishing dreams hopes expectations look forward achieving long run working hard dedication goes without saying course team spirit collaboration members involved crucial component mixing ingredients recipe cook mouth watery dish table feast friends family share happiness joy occasion together reminisce fond memories shared recent past return future again soon possible anyways continuing our discussion seems difficult task individual stand alone luckily found reliable partner work together group strength unity bond formed once established never broken solid foundation forevermore establish secure base operations mission critical activities carried accordingly expected expected results attained timeframe proposed allotted budget allocated cost management control system put place maintain transparency funds expenditure reports periodically issued top level executive board inspection scrutiny monitoring overseeing every aspects handling daily proceedings going smoothly planned start end conclusion drawn summarize findings draw conclusions recommendations submitted finalizing article writing assignment completion date reached signifying milestone achievement project title discussed detail shown previous paragraphs body text documentation suppose appears satisfactory eyes editor proofreading edit add delete extra words phrases necessary corrections layout presentation required assure correctness grammar spelling much emphasis placed spelt correctly ensuring error free content published earned respect readers reading pleasure leisure entertainment education knowledge wisdom derived lessons learnt taught experienced life’s many lessons thankless job continues everyday eternity shall prevail conquer darkness looming everlasting peace harmony humankind embraced heartily accept graciously latest addition series articles produced house signifying official closure file report investigation discussed written format hereby declare declared concluded close case goodbye.

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