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The organization I am choosing to evaluate the promotional mix of is Nike Inc. Nike Inc is an American multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures and markets footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories with their own brands as well as those of other companies. It is one of the largest suppliers in the global sporting goods industry and has a presence in over 200 countries around the world.

Nike’s current promotional strategy consists mainly of Above The Line (ATL), Below The Line (BTL) and Through The Line (TTL) techniques. ATL techniques include television commercials, radio ads and print advertisements which are used to target a large audience on a mass scale in order to generate brand awareness. BTL techniques such as product sampling have been used by Nike in order to get customers to try out their products before making an actual purchase decision. Lastly, TTL strategies incorporate both ATL & BTL methods in order to create an integrated approach towards marketing their products & services – this includes campaigns such as celebrity endorsements which allows them to reach out to more people simultaneously across multiple channels.

Although these strategies have proven successful for Nike thus far, there are still several areas where they can improve upon in terms of their promotional mix:
Firstly, they should focus more on creating interactive experiences for customers through digital campaigns instead of relying solely on traditional ATL advertising methods – for example setting up interactive kiosks at shopping malls or engaging shoppers through virtual reality technologies during store visits could help them gain greater consumer insight into what customers prefer when it comes to sporting gear & apparel. This would also give them better feedback on how they can further tailor & personalize their offerings accordingly while boosting customer engagement overall.
Secondly, they could take advantage of experiential marketing opportunities such as hosting events or sponsoring major sporting competitions like football/soccer tournaments or marathons which would allow them direct access not only to potential buyers but also influencers who will be able provide greater exposure for the brand through social media sharing – this method has been greatly employed by rival Adidas recently with great success due its ability generate positive word-of-mouth publicity from consumers worldwide quickly & efficiently.. Thirdly adding incentives like loyalty programs or discount coupons along with effective promotion tactics can help encourage repeat purchases from existing customers while bringing new ones into their fold at the same time; this tactic may require additional resources however if implemented correctly it can potentially lead increase sales significantly across different demographics globally.. Lastly using geo targeting tools via mobile devices could be beneficial towards reaching out niche segments who wouldn’t otherwise be accessible without having physical stores nearby -this would allow Nike customize content specific locations based on local trends/preferences while attracting more relevant audiences thereby improving ROI considerably compared competing firms that rely solely conventional advertising methods..
In addition employing effective Social Media Marketing tactics also provides great potential for helping promote Nike’s products & services effectively both cost efficiently -by leveraging influential bloggers celebrities who already enjoy huge followings established fan bases among existing followers create greater awareness about company its offerings . Moreover since videos images tend garner much attention than text-based posts platform offers opportunity engage broader range viewers attempt capture larger share market faster rates; additionally harnessing power real-time analytics track measure performance optimize results further hereon .. Hence implementation appropriate SMM strategies serve invaluable asset achieving desired goals set forth easily swiftly possible period time given right conditions place .

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