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As an Anthropologist, my research focus on the Nenets Nomads of Northern Siberia has been a fascinating journey. I have gained insight into their lifestyle and cultural practices, learning how they survive in one of the harshest climates on Earth. Through participant observation and interviews with members of this indigenous community, I am gaining a better understanding of how their nomadic way of life is adapted to their environment. It has also been interesting to learn more about the language and customs that are unique to this group which helps me understand more deeply their identity as a people.

The Archaeologist part of our team has also been interested in exploring the history behind this nomadic society. Through careful excavation of various sites around Northern Siberia, we have found artifacts dating back thousands years which help us piece together the rich history behind the Nenets people. We have learned about trade routes and ancient settlements that predate even their own nomadic habits, furthering our knowledge on how these cultures developed over time and throughout generations.

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