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Advocating for health care, specifically NP practice authority and issues, can be done individually in my district (Central Florida) or geographic area of my community/state by utilizing a combination of tactics. First and foremost, it is important to understand the legislative process both locally and nationally so that one may target their advocacy efforts accordingly. Additionally, reaching out to local legislators directly can be extremely effective as they are often more accessible than those at a state level. Legislators need to hear from constituents who will explain how proposed bills would affect them personally, in addition understanding the potential financial impact of any proposed legislation.

One way to do this is through letters and emails sent directly to representatives or senators in your local area detailing your concerns about an issue or piece of legislation. It’s also possible to attend meetings with individual lawmakers either at their offices or during town hall events where citizens have an opportunity to express their views on specific topics related healthcare access, including NP practice authority. Furthermore, showing up at public hearings held before committees charged with considering particular pieces of legislature can have great impact; letting legislators know that there is broad support behind a bill that addresses NP practice authority can go a long way toward getting it passed into law.

In addition to attending public hearings or meeting with lawmakers directly, joining organizations such as The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), National Organization Of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF), and National Association Of Clinical Nurses Specialists (NACNS) which provide support educationally and politically for healthcare professionals like nurse practitioners can help raise awareness about pertinent issues while bringing attention to ongoing efforts aimed at advancingNP practice authority throughout Central Floridaand beyond(TheAmericanAssociationofNursePractitioners[AANP],2020a;NationalOrganizationofNursePractitionerFaculties[NONPF],2020;NationalAssociationofClinicalNursesSpecialists[NACNS],2020). These organizations also provide current members with additional resources relatedto policy analysisandopportunitiesto networkwith otherprofessionalsworking towards similar goals within the field . Finally , being involved with social media campaigns dedicated topromoting greaterawareness ona variety oftophics related Np Practice Authoritycanhelp spreadthe wordfaster than traditional forms communication alone . By utilizing these methods , individuals working in conjunctionwith professionalorganizations devotedtoadvancingNPpractice authority ,can make significant progressin promotingequalaccess tobetter qualitycareacross CentralFlorida .

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