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The chosen scenario is the Dempseys. The emotional issues presented in this case involve yet another example of a family dealing with financial hardship. The Dempseys are unable to cover their bills and have been facing eviction for months, with no end in sight. This situation has created an immense amount of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty within the family. With each passing day, they become more and more fearful that they may soon be on the streets without a home or means of income.

Framing is defined as “the process by which an individual or group attempts to make sense out of their environment” (Oaths & Siverson, 2021). In other words, it refers to how people interpret events based on their own understanding and perspective. In the case of the Dempsey’s situation, framing plays an important role in both how they view their current circumstances and what steps they will take to rectify them. For instance, if Mr Dempsey views himself as powerless against his landlord’s demands then he may not take any action at all; however if he frames this problem as something that can be solved through negotiation with his landlord then he may be more likely to pursue a productive solution.

Given this particular scenario I would employ a strategy focused on building trust between the parties involved. This would involve having open conversations about both sides needs/desires/concerns before making any decision regarding resolution or compromise terms – ultimately helping create mutual understanding between both parties and increasing transparency throughout the entire process.. An apology could also potentially play an important part in this strategy depending upon whether either party feels wronged by another – it could serve as recognition that mistakes were made and help foster empathy amongst those involved while paving the way for further dialogue moving forward towards a satisfactory outcome for all involved parties.

Overall my proposal involves creating an environment where each side is willing to share openly while also taking into account one another’s feelings so that honest opinions can be heard without judgement; only then can true progress begin being made towards resolving such matters amicably rather than rushing headlong into confrontation which often leads nowhere positive in such cases.

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