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The American Marketing Association (AMA) definition of marketing is comprehensive and accurately describes the scope of marketing. This definition includes all aspects of marketing, such as creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. It also establishes the importance of customer goals in understanding what constitutes an offering. Furthermore, it acknowledges the role that culture plays in shaping consumer perceptions and behaviors by recognizing “society at large” as a party affected by marketing activities. Finally, this definition encompasses both traditional forms of promotion (e.g., advertising) as well as modern digital tactics (e.g., content marketing).

The AMA’s definition lacks specificity regarding how companies can create value for their customers or establish criteria to evaluate the success of these efforts. Additionally, while acknowledging society at large as an entity impacted by marketing activities is a step in the right direction towards ethical business practices; it does not provide guidance on how to ensure ethical standards are upheld when creating campaigns or strategies aimed at meeting customer needs. Also missing from this definition are any implications related to technology-driven changes which have dramatically altered how businesses engage with consumers through data collection/analysis or automation tools such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Proposed Definition
Marketing is the activity set of institutions used to identify customer needs and desires; create solutions tailored to meet those needs; communicate those solutions effectively; deliver successful outcomes through available channels; utilizing data analytics and automated technologies where appropriate – all while adhering to ethical standards- in order to generate mutually beneficial exchange between organizations and individuals across communities throughout society at large .

This revised definition provides more specifics about what constitutes successful outcomes achieved through available channels including emerging technology tools like AI without excluding any parties previously mentioned in the original AMA definition. The focus on mutual benefit emphasizes collaboration over competition between organizations while simultaneously recognizing individual expectations around privacy concerns related to using data analytics services given recent scandals involving misuse of personal information collected online. Moreover, it clearly defines how companies should measure success based on tangible results rather than relying solely on perception metrics – thus providing a clearer picture for stakeholders during decision making processes which helps avoid potential pitfalls due to misunderstanding objectives or assumptions being made without scientific evidence underpinning them . Finally , this updated version includes explicit language emphasizing adherence towards ethical considerations when developing campaigns – thereby further establishing trust within target audiences before investing resources into promotional initiatives . All these elements combined make this new proposal much clearer , accurate , relevant , up-to date with today’s organizations & societies making it suitable for use going forward .


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