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When I think about a moment in my life that technology caused me stress, one particular instance comes to mind. During the middle of my junior year in high school, I was enrolled in two very challenging classes- AP Biology and Honors Calculus. At the same time, I had other commitments such as Model UN and student government activities. With all these responsibilities on my plate, it seemed like far too much to handle on top of managing my own mental health.

In order to keep up with all of my assignments, I had begun relying heavily on technology such as online calendars and Word documents to stay organized. But despite having everything laid out in an orderly manner within these digital systems, nothing felt under control. On a daily basis, I was confronted with notifications from various platforms – emails from teachers regarding upcoming deadlines or group chat messages from friends asking for help studying for tests – that only further compounded this feeling of chaos and anxiety building inside me.

Whenever things started getting overwhelming during this period in my life, I would use technology as an outlet for stress relief rather than letting it be detrimental to me mentally and emotionally. For example instead of overworking myself by responding to every notification coming through immediately like before ,I allowed myself some time away from screens by going outside for walks or reading physical books . This way, when coming back refreshed after a break tech didn’t seem like such a daunting task anymore since it wasn’t constantly pestering me 24/7 anymore; It gave me more clarity into how exactly should be using it so that it works for me rather than against me . Additionally whenever facing technical issues with programs or hardware ,reaching out online to communities which can offer informed advice can make any issue easier to tackle through mutual collaboration even if problem still persists at least you know you give your best effort into solving them until then there is no reason why anyone should blame themselves entirely over something they could not fix due to lack of resources available . Lastly meditation has proven its effectiveness towards helping people become aware their thoughts so they are better equipped towards recognizing what causes their own stress levels relating towards tech usage & responding appropriately depending on the situation whether taking a break or carrying forward whatever work needs done ..

Overall while technology can provide plenty means into making our lives easier but without proper self awareness we also risk falling prey into its compulsive use syndrome leading us down paths filled with unecessary stresses stemming from excessive demands particularly during times where multitasking becomes commonplace . Nevertheless understanding how we respond differently based on our own preferences before diving in headfirst will help us better prepare ourselves when dealing with potential conflicts between our obligations & desires allowing us maintain balanced lifestyles free of unnecessary worries

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