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An older person I know well is my grandma. She is an incredible woman who defies various stereotypes of aging. Even though she is in her mid 80s, she does not fit the typical description of a senior citizen. Instead of sitting at home or spending her days leisurely, my grandmother is always on the go. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places and has been to many countries throughout Europe and Asia. Even more impressive than that, she regularly goes rock-climbing and surfing on the weekends! She also loves trying out different activities such as pottery classes or cooking workshops with her friends. Though these activities are unconventional for someone her age, they have allowed her to keep active and retain a sense of purpose in life as well as strengthen relationships with others.

From a symbolic interactionism perspective, proponents would view education as a fundamental tool for building connections between individuals and groups through various interactions (Ritzer & Goodman 2017). Education offers opportunities for people to develop bonds based on the shared experiences that come from attending school together which can lead to better understanding amongst peers from different backgrounds (Ritzer & Goodman 2017). By being exposed to one another’s diverse perspectives it creates an environment where individuals can learn from each other without judgement or bias due to their differences (Ritzer & Goodman 2017). The importance of this type of learning cannot be overstated because it allows for personal growth by enabling students to think critically about issues within society which will ultimately help them become responsible citizens (Ritzer & Goodman 2017).

On the other hand, feminist theorists may see schools as institutions that perpetuate patriarchal structures through curricular content taught in classrooms (Grewal et al., 2019). As such, they argue that school systems are often used to propagate gender inequality due to their lack of attention paid towards traditional female roles while simultaneously privileging male ones (Grewal et al., 2019). In addition, they believe that there needs be more focus put onto creating educational environments where all genders feel respected regardless of race or class background so they can participate equally within society instead of having their voice stifled by dominant discourses present in most institutes (Grewal et al., 2019). This can be done by implementing reforms like diversifying faculty members and teaching materials which accurately reflect current realities whilst advocating for women’s rights at all levels within school settings(Grewal et al., 2019) .

Ultimately, both theories acknowledge how vital education institutions are but differ when it comes down essential details regarding what schools should strive towards achieving; whereas symbolic interactionism sees schooling primarily as way facilitating communication between people from varying backgrounds, feminists stress its usefulness in promoting gender equality. My grandmother serves as excellent example proving those labels assigned elderly do not necessarily apply everyone; she demonstrates how continuing challenge stereotypical beliefs related aging still achievable even into advanced years if approached with determination dedication..

Grewal , D., Vasquez , V., McKinney , E., Willingham , A., Smith-Adcock , S,. Haegele , J.(2019 ).Education Studies: An Introduction To The Discipline Through Feminist Frameworks . Thousand Oaks CA : Sage Publications

Ritzer , G .& Goodman D .J.(2017 ). Contemporary Sociological Theory And Its Classical Roots : The Basics 7th Edn New York : McGraw Hill Education

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