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Slide 1: Summary of User Proposal
• Identified target user group and collected data on their needs/frustrations with existing apps.
• Evaluated industry standards for software development.
• Developed detailed specification document outlining app requirements.

Slide 2: Overview of Software Development Plan
• Followed appropriate stages for software development (e.g., planning, design, implementation)
• Allocated resources and time frames to meet project goals.
• Tested app throughout the process to ensure quality assurance was met

Slide 3: Prototype Features – Interfaces
• Designed user-friendly graphical interfaces using standard UI tools • Utilized responsive web design techniques when applicable

Slide 4: Prototype Features – Input/Output Methods //// • Implemented different methods of input/output depending on platform requirements • Ensured all devices were supported and data could be accessed from any location

Slide 5: Error Processing & Bug Detection Tools • Created automated bug detection tools to identify errors in code • Developed system to detect programming bugs • Included features that allowed application to detect user mistakes or errors

Slide 6: Accessibility & Security Validation • Enabled automated validation processes to ensure Section 508 compliance • Established secure protocols for access control based on user authorization level • Incorporated security measures such as encryption algorithms and firewalls

Slide 7: User Display & System Process Flow Drawing • Utilized drawing programs to create visuals for showing the user display flow And system process flow

Slide 8: Testing Plan Validation \\// \\// To validate Functionality, Usability, Accessibility, Security \\// \\// Conducted tests including nonfunctional testing (performance and scalability), usability tests, accessibility tests, security validations

Slide 9: Recommendation – Fund Project //\\ //\\ After successful completion of pilot program specs were met //\\ Request funding for next five years due the following benefits Increased productivity through enhanced functionality Improved customer service satisfaction through improved usability Enhanced accessibility compliance with Section 508 regulations Improved data security via robust protocols

Slide 10 : Conclusion Thank you!

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