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Your peer makes an excellent case for why police work does contribute to wrongful convictions, but is not the primary reason. They provide very compelling evidence from a source in the criminal justice system and cite a real-life example of how DNA evidence can prove that someone was wrongfully convicted. Their point about forensic errors and malfeasance being one of the biggest contributors to false convictions is particularly meaningful, especially when they contrast it with alibi witnesses who were unable to help A.B Butler because at that time the DNA wasn’t available as proof of innocence.

I agree with their conclusion that we cannot narrow down wrongful convictions to just one primary source. It’s clear through their examples that there are many factors contributing to false or mistaken identification, unethical practices among criminal justice actors, inadequate assistance of counsel, and so on which all play a role in convicting innocent people. While police work does make mistakes sometimes leading up to an incorrect conviction, it’s not only the police department responsible for this issue within our criminal justice system; each person involved contributes in some way like prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and juries playing various parts within court proceedings as well.

Furthermore I was impressed by their suggestion for reform focusing on accuracy of evidence testing; I hadn’t considered how quickly DNA technology could have helped exonerate someone such as A.B Butler sooner than 17 years into his sentence if it had been tested earlier! This really shows us how much power accurate testing has over overturning wrongly convicted individuals — possibly saving them from years spent away from family and unrightful punishment due to lack of reliable evidence or witnesses who are sometimes unwilling or unable to tell the truth.

Overall your peers case was thorough yet concise and served its purpose by providing us with multiple resources while also tying them together around a single topic: the complexity behind wrongful convictions caused by multiple aspects aside from just police work alone.

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