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Joseph, R. (2019). The Role of Media in Criminal Justice. In Journal of Social Sciences Research 5(6), 24–29. Retrieved from

This journal article provides an overview of the role media plays in criminal justice and its effects on how violent crime is perceived by the public. It examines the influence of media coverage on public opinion, the potential for bias when reporting stories, and how this might affect criminal justice decision making processes. Joseph argues that although media can have a positive impact in providing information to assist with investigations and can help bring attention to social issues such as violence against women or racial injustice, it can also provide a distorted view of crime and lead people to hold incorrect assumptions about certain types of offenses or offenders as well as contributing to false stereotypes about vulnerable populations or communities affected by violence. He concludes that there must be greater transparency when it comes to news coverage concerning crimes if we are to ensure a fair system within our criminal justice system

Foley, A., & Schmalleger, F. (2020). Mass Media Effects On Attitudes Toward Criminal Justice System: Criminological Implications For Policy And Practice Issues Of Violence Prevention Through Public Education And Awareness Campaigns – Part Ii: The Impact Of Mass Media On Attitudes Towards Crime And Criminal Justice System Policies | Springerlink. In International Journal of Law Enforcement 6(3), 124–137. Retrieved from

This research article explores how mass media influences attitudes towards crime and the criminal justice system through public education campaigns which focus on raising awareness about violence prevention strategies or other relevant topics depending upon current events or trends at any given time period for example race riots in 2020 due COVID 19 . Foley and Schmalleger suggest that these campaigns have both positive and negative implications; while they can increase understanding among citizens regarding existing laws or initiatives related to crime control policies they may also contribute towards false perceptions being created around certain offences due misconstrued reports by mass media that sensationalize incidents occurring within society resulting biased views held by general population thus creating further problems like increased discrimination against minorities etcetera They conclude that more responsible journalism practices should be enforced so as not distort facts but rather inform people regarding true nature violence along with possible ways prevent it which would ultimately benefit entire society instead focusing solely punitive measures taken punishment criminals who hurt others without sense responsibility helping rehabilitate them back into community again increase safety all involved parties

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