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Nurses are health care professionals who play a vital role in society. They provide direct patient care, educate patients, and collaborate with other healthcare providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for all patients. As such, nurses have an important role to play in advocating for policies that improve patient care and promote access to quality healthcare services. Nurses can lobby Congress on a variety of policy issues including:

1) Increasing funding for nursing education and training programs: Nursing is an ever-changing field that requires frequent education and training to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. However, many nursing programs lack the necessary financial support from federal or state governments. Nurses can lobby congressional representatives to increase funding for nursing schools so that more nurses are able to receive the training they need in order to provide optimal patient care.

2) Improving access to primary health care services: Primary health care services (e.g., preventive health screenings, vaccinations) are essential for promoting public health and well-being but often face barriers due limited resources or other structural barriers like language barriers or economic disparities that prevent individuals from receiving the needed treatment they deserve. Nurses can advocate for policies which make it easier for individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds  to get access such services by removing any existing restrictions or creating incentives/subsidies which make it more affordable/accessible .

3) Reducing prescription drug costs: Prescription drugs continue be increasingly expensive with prices rising every year as drug manufacturers seek higher profits despite there being no new innovations/improvements made on these medications themselves over time. As such, nurses can work with legislators towards introducing measures that would reign in exorbitant prescription drug costs so people don’t have worry about paying high out of pocket expenses when seeking medication treatments .

4) Strengthening safety standards within hospitals : Safety standards within hospitals vary widely throughout different countries making it difficult some times predict whether patients will be safe while undergoing treatment at certain facilities . By working together with representatives , nurses could help push forward legislation which sets regulations regarding hospital infrastructure , equipment etc as well as create minimum staffing requirements so patients know they’ll receive appropriate attention during their time spent under medical supervision .

Strategies Nurse Can Use To Have Their Voices Heard : Every voice matters when lobbying policymakers; thus, Nurse should use various strategies when attempting to influence political decisions related to their profession:
1) Form coalitions : Building alliances between different nurse groups allows them amplify their message and impact further beyond just one organization’s reach . This also provides opportunity network with each other partner on multiple levels providing additional resources which may otherwise not been available if just used one party alone .
2) Utilize research & data : Research is key component many policymaking decisions since allow lobbying parties present evidence showing why certain policies should implemented projected outcomes of those said changes . Similarly data helps create comprehensive picture whole topic allowing both sides gain better understanding before reaching consensus agreement overall issue discussed .
3 ) Develop relationships members Congress : Developing strong relationships legislative officials especially ones responsible overseeing relevant committees great way show genuine commitment cause allows politician motivation come listen concerns raised by constituents bring back home through proposed bills reforms whatever case might be time permitting as well course offer advice implementing those once approved floor vote taken place respectively  4 ) Advocate media outlets : Mass media powerful tool disseminate information wide variety audiences allowing become more aware what’s happening politically nationally locally even internationally terms civil rights labor laws reform etc then act upon accordingly exercise power citizens possess express opinion freely without fear repercussion its greatest advantages wielders today era

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