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As a black woman in the South, I have seen firsthand the injustice that minorities and women face. This has had an immense impact on my understanding of the world, especially when it comes to philosophy. Ancient Greek philosophy, like Aristotelian thinking for example, was based on the notion that humans are always logical beings—which I do not agree with.

I believe that emotions can influence our reasoning more than we think. When it comes to ancient Greek philosophy and its application to modern-day life, I am reminded of how important perspective is in understanding why someone might behave certain ways or make certain decisions. For example, if I applied Aristotle’s view of thinking humans are always logical without understanding someone else’s perspective first, would it be fair? No. That is not a reflection of reality since human behavior is often driven by emotion rather than logic alone (Rosenberg & Rosenberg 2018).

My love for mythology also influences my outlook on ancient Greek philosophy: there is so much wisdom to be found within each mythological tale which can offer invaluable insights into what drives human behavior today (Sheehan 2009). Moreover, as a lover of travel and exploration—two attributes synonymous with ancient Greece—I strive to take away something meaningful from every journey I embark upon; this includes learning more about philosophical ideologies such as stoicism and epicureanism (Sharples 2012).

Ultimately, my experiences have helped me understand that while grounding oneself in ancient Greek philosophies can provide some valuable lessons about life today, one needs to be mindful of their own unique perspectives in order for these teachings to truly resonate with them on an individual level. Even though I may disagree with parts of Aristotle’s views at times—like his assertion humans are always logical beings—I still appreciate his overall contributions towards our current knowledge base related philosophical mindset and thought patterns (Berger 2020).

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