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In-Person Event: Hosting Back-To-School Night is a great way to build strong rapport between school and home during the school year. During this event, teachers can share important information about their classroom expectations and procedures with families in person. This is also an opportunity for parents to get to know their child’s teacher and learn more about what they will be covering throughout the school year. Teachers can provide resources such as handouts, syllabi, or even bring in guest speakers to help explain various aspects of the curriculum.

 By having this face-to-face interaction at the start of the year, it helps foster an open line of communication so both parties are on the same page and understand each other’s expectations better.

Technologically Driven Activity: Utilizing online platforms for virtual parent meetings is another effective way to build a strong rapport between school and home during the school year. Through video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet, teachers can host interactive sessions with families that allow them to discuss topics like upcoming projects or students’ progress in class in real time. Additionally, these platforms offer features like virtual whiteboards which teachers can use to share notes or resources directly with parents in order for them to have easy access from home afterwards if needed. Overall, by allowing parents to engage virtually through these types of activities instead of only relying on email updates or paper handouts sent home makes it easier for people who cannot physically attend events due to work commitments or transportation issues since they’re able join right from their computer/device as well. In sum, using both in person events as well as technological driven activities regularly throughout the course of a school year is beneficial; not only does it ensure that everyone stays informed but also helps create meaningful connections between all stakeholders involved which will ultimately lead towards academic success

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