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Omar Alomar’s “The Teeth and the Comb” uses non-human, usually immobile objects to make comments about human society. Through his short stories, Alomar creates a parable of democracy through the teeth of a comb. He chooses this object in particular because it symbolizes maintenance and order; both features that are found within democracies where citizens strive to maintain justice and stability amongst each other. By using a comb as an allegory for democracy, Alomar is able to emphasize the importance of taking care when it comes to governing oneself and others in order to achieve fairness.

In addition to the comb, there are several other objects selected by Alomar as symbols for different aspects of humanity or our relationships with others. For example, he compares watches with borrowed time, implying that life can be precarious at times; something we often take for granted until tragedy strikes us suddenly. Furthermore, he analogizes scissors with arms reaching out in a desperate embrace – suggesting that sometimes humans reach out towards one another only out of loneliness rather than genuine connection. These comparisons serve as commentary on how easily we neglect or forget how vulnerable we all can be when it comes to matters of love and death alike.
On the contrary however stands Pascale Pettit’s poem which pays tribute her mother by comparing her strength not only to an Amazonian warrior but also an Amazon rainforest, exploring how comparison between human beings and non-human things does not necessarily have to be seen as derogatory if done respectfully enough. Despite its natural beauty being threatened by deforestation due mainly due to human activities such as logging or farming , Petit still finds power in comparing her mother (strong yet fragile) with this environment (powerful yet delicate). This comparison reveals that although certain elements might seem contradictory they can still coexist peacefully so long as respect is given equally between them – just like any relationship should be between people regardless of gender identity or social background etc.. In doing so she celebrates both her mother’s strength while also lauding Mother Nature who has witnessed generations pass without ever having falter once despite our constant efforts against Her resilience..

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