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My personal experience with med term miscommunication relates to a medical appointment I had in which language was a barrier. I had arrived to my appointment early and although the receptionist said that she understood what I was saying, she continued to make mistakes in entering my information. She didn’t understand some of the terms related to blood types, like “B negative” and it resulted in me having to wait an extra half hour for the doctor because she had entered incorrect information into his electronic health record.

The situation here was that due to language barriers, the receptionist made errors when entering patient data into their electronic health records. The specific med term error here was her misunderstanding of blood type terminology such as B Negative instead recording it as B positive or any other variation. If not corrected this could lead to potentially harmful consequences if there were future treatments or complications associated with this discrepancy.


To prevent similar miscommunications from happening in the future, additional steps can be taken such as providing additional training on how to properly enter patient data into an electronic health record system through detailed instruction and video tutorials focusing on precision when it comes down using medical terminology correctly. Having bilingual staff members available would also help improve communication between both patients and healthcare professionals alike while ensuring correct entries are being made. Furthermore regular auditing processes should be established so that all entries are reviewed before they are submitted in order ensure accuracy every step of way (Nilesh et al., 2017).

In this course I will take action by paying close attention during lectures when learning new medical terms and actively taking notes on key points discussed throughout each lecture so that I can have better understanding of what is being taught but also referring back when needed for clarification later down the line . In addition to lectures, reading relevant material from textbooks or websites is another great source for helping build up my knowledge base within various subjects across medicare . Finally practice makes perfect! As difficult as some concepts may seem at first once you start practicing them hands-on you begin developing a better comprehension which eventually leads towards mastery over time (Kumar & Srivastava, 2019).

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Nilesh D., Vivek K., Bharat G., Pawar V., Raghavendra M.(2017) Efficient Patient Data Entry System Using Barcode Technology And NFC Tags With Automated Validation Processes In Healthcare Industries International Journal Of Engineering Research And General Science Volume 5 Issue 3 March April 2017 ISSN 2091‐2730 Page No : 105–108

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