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Therapeutic exercise is any form of physical activity prescribed by a health professional to help improve the function and well-being of an individual. Disability refers to an impairment that limits an individual’s ability to perform certain activities. Rehabilitation includes a variety of strategies, interventions, and therapies used as part of the medical process in order to restore lost physical or mental functions. Habituation is the process whereby organisms learn from repeated exposure or interaction with stimuli in their environment and become less sensitive to them over time. A therapeutic recreation specialist is a type of healthcare provider who works with individuals who require assistance with recreational skills due to disabilities or other limitations. Formative assessment is ongoing evaluation that takes place throughout the duration of learning; its purpose is not for grading but rather for providing feedback on how well students are understanding material so that appropriate changes can be made before summative assessments are given. Summative assessment evaluates student learning after instruction has been completed, usually through tests and/or projects; it gauges overall accomplishment at a particular point in time such as at the end of a course. Sport management involves planning, organizing, leading & coordinating people & resources related to sport events & organizations both successfully & ethically; settings/segments include collegiate level sports (NCAA), professional sport teams (NBA, NFL), sport marketing agencies (Nike) as well as community recreational leagues (local YMCA).

If you had a client come in that is obese and diabetic, what type of therapeutic exercise would you recommend (broad category)? Why? The type of therapeutic exercise recommended would depend on the individual’s abilities and preferences; however generally speaking aerobic activities such as walking, jogging/running, biking swimming may be beneficial due to their low impact nature meaning they will have fewer chances for injury while still being able to provide benefits such increased cardiovascular fitness levels and improved muscle strength/endurance without stressing joints excessively which could lead too further complications due painful inflammation associated with obesity and diabetes.


How might therapeutic exercise promote a healthy lifestyle? Therapeutic exercise can play an important role in promoting healthier lifestyles by helping individuals develop stronger bodies which means better stability when performing daily activities resulting in decreased risk for falls or other injuries related accidents especially if combined with proper education regarding nutrition since this can help prevent exacerbation from poor dietary choices typically seen when dealing with obesity or diabetes control issues. Additionally regular physical activity promotes better mental wellbeing by creating release hormones like serotonin which decreases anxiety symptoms thus having positive effects on mood regulation .

How might you convince someone that physical education is important and does not detract from learning in other subjects? What would you say? Physical education should be viewed more than just games during school hours but also as part science based classes teaching about anatomy physiology biomechanics these essential components provide deeper insights into theoretical concepts discussed within traditional academic classrooms making it easier for students understand difficult topics while giving them practical applications they can implement when dealing real world situations outside classroom environments . Furthermore there are numerous studies showing correlation between enhanced athletic performance levels aiding concentration skills needed excel academically proving PE importance even those cases where special attention needs given towards certain age groups example children adolescents need adequate amounts leisure opportunities balance stressors within living situations thus improving overall educational success rates .

If you were a physical education teacher what type of curriculum would you implement ?Why ? Depending upon specific target population different objectives should selected order ensure best outcomes possible when setting up curriculum framework keep mind some general goals working increase motor skill development create awareness among learners about importance incorporating healthy habits into their lives use tools support decision-making processes enabling people make informed decisions regards lifestyle choices . Therefore focusing areas like nutrition basics different types exercises along effective ways measuring progress could beneficial since these points enable properly assess results achieved track improvement overtime allowing necessary adjustments take place needed ..

If you were enter career sport coaching what do think single most important personal characteristic must possess why ?What about if entered career sport instruction ? For coaches it would undoubtedly possessing leadership qualities involving ability motivate inspire individuals guidance advice set clear expectations direction applicable situation instill sense camaraderie within team atmosphere despite pressures faced while instructing good communication paramount same time ensuring all members present understand instructions given leaving no room confusion fostering positive relationships built trust credibility amongst peers growing confidence self worth own abilities .

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