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My research topic is the effectiveness of public health interventions in reducing disparities in maternal and child health outcomes. The disparity between different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups with regards to maternal and child health has long been a major issue in the United States. This problem has persisted for decades, due to a number of factors including lack of access to healthcare resources, poverty levels, unequal quality of care received from providers, and other structural issues that further contribute to already existing inequities. Therefore, it is essential to identify effective strategies that can be used to reduce these disparities.


I chose this topic because I am particularly interested in exploring how public health interventions can be utilized as a tool for reducing disparities across different social identity groups. As someone who works within the field of public health I believe there is a great potential for improving overall population-level health by increasing equity through targeted efforts aimed at reducing or eliminating disproportional burdens experienced by certain populations due to systemic disadvantages they may face. Additionally, this topic aligns closely with my interests as I am currently pursuing an MSc degree in Health Promotion & Education which focuses on developing comprehensive approaches that promote positive lifestyle behaviors while striving towards improved social conditions related to physical and mental well-being among individuals throughout communities worldwide.
My research question is: What are some effective interventions used within the field of public health that have demonstrated success in improving maternal and child health outcomes while simultaneously addressing existing disparities across different social identity groups?

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