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Q: What position/positions in your organization are accountable for workplace relations in your organization? What impact do they have? What programs are in place to impact relations at work? Provide specific examples.
A: In my current organization, the Human Resources (HR) Manager is responsible for overseeing workplace relations. The HR Manager has the responsibility of ensuring a harmonious and effective working environment by maintaining and improving employee-employer relationships. Some key responsibilities include developing, administering, and enforcing policies related to personnel matters such as hiring practices, disciplinary protocols, benefits programs, safety standards, and performance evaluations (“Human Resource Manager Job Description” 2020). As part of this role, the HR manager is also charged with creating programs that promote good employer-employee relations. These initiatives can range from professional development courses or team building events to weekly recognition awards or monthly team lunches. By providing employees with these opportunities to build relationships with their colleagues and supervisors outside of their regular job duties it helps create an atmosphere of trust and encouragement within the workplace which contributes positively towards increasing morale and productivity (Granatir 2020). Additionally, if any issues arise between management and staff over policy violations or disputes regarding wages or benefits then the HR manager must be able to navigate these conflicts professionally while still protecting the company’s interests (“Human Resource Manager Job Description” 2020).

Q: If you were an HR manager in a private-sector organization, what key programs would you implement to improve employee-employer relations? Why?
A: If I were an HR manager in a private sector organization I would strive to implement several key initiatives that could help improve employee-employer relations. Firstly I believe it is essential for employers to offer competitive compensation packages along with access to quality health care plans since studies have shown that offering attractive salaries and benefits make employees feel more valued which has been linked with greater job satisfaction(Smith 2019). Furthermore making sure everyone feels heard is critical regardless if it’s managing feedback given during performance reviews or being open minded when resolving potential conflicts between co-workers so having clear channels for communication between both parties should be established early on (Hayes 2018). Additionally engaging employees through activities such as community service projects can provide them with meaningful experiences outside of work while simultaneously fostering team unity among coworkers creating lasting impressions on how they view their organizations overall commitment towards bettering their communities which will lead them feeling proud about where they work (Williams 2017). Lastly encouraging professional development opportunities like training sessions or seminars not only allow workers sharpen their skills but also provide them insight into other areas of business operations allowing for growth within their roles potentially leading higher retention rates long term due to increased job security(Bauer et al., 2016).

Q: How would you determine the added value of your programs?
A: To determine the added value of my proposed programs there are various methods that can used depending on what type programis being implemented. For example measuring customer satisfaction ratings after implementing a new customer service initiative could give indication whether improvements had taken affect yet still might overlook certain areas needing further attention(Laudon & Laudon 2018 ). Alternatively surveys may need conducted gather feedback from those involved directly dealing with policy changesor tracking data on how often certain procedures were followed before compared afterwards can paint complete picture successes failures looking figure out whether adjustments needed made going forward (Sherry & Berger 2021 ). Ultimately once success metrics identified then consistent monitoring ensure proper evaluation take place order accurately measure progress based predetermined goals set forth beginning should allow gauge cost effectiveness well degree effectiveness particular approaches undertaken.(Kotler& Keller 2012)


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