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One barrier that I think prohibits nurses from engaging in Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a lack of access to current, reliable evidence. Nurses often struggle to keep up with the latest research and are hindered by time constraints and limited resources when trying to identify and sort through sources of evidence that are necessary for EBP. The majority of nursing faculty also lack a significant amount of expertise in the area, making it difficult for them to provide guidance on how best to use available evidence.

To facilitate the use of available evidence, I suggest utilizing tools such as database searches or literature reviews. Database searches allow nurses to look quickly at many types of academic information simultaneously, enabling them to access current articles, reports and other relevant materials quickly and easily. Additionally, doing a systematic review can help nurses assess different areas of research related to their practice area while evaluating strengths and weaknesses in each study before deciding which pieces of evidence could be most helpful for patients. In addition, creating protocols or policies based on the best available research can help ensure that quality care is consistently provided according to current standards.

My thinking about nursing research and EBP has changed significantly over these 8 weeks due mainly from my increased understanding on how important it is for nurses not just stay up-to-date with new findings but also critically evaluate any potential biases found in studies before using them as part of treatment plans for patients. My newfound appreciation for EBP was further emphasized during this course when we discussed topics regarding data collection methods like surveys or interviews as well as qualitative vs quantitative approaches in order analyze results accurately where one item learned was effective communication strategies between researchers/healthcare providers which go beyond simple language usage but instead focus more on cultural competency meaning being able understand different people’s values customs beliefs etc while delivering care so they feel respected while receiving care.. From what I have learned throughout this journey into EBP is that although there may be challenges along the way especially within larger institutions having an overall plan implemented which incorporates all aspects outlined will truly make a difference when it comes improving patient care outcomes ultimately leading towards better health outcomes overall

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