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Primary Task Response: After reviewing the story, I would recommend that Harold\’s Hardware Store approach their system documentation problems in two different ways. First, they should have a clear and concise plan for documenting all of their systems. This plan should include the creation of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that outline specific processes for running each department or area within the store. Additionally, there should be an inventory control system established which will allow for tracking of products by item number, vendor name, location within the store’s shelves or racks and other pertinent information related to the product. This information can then be used to generate reports when necessary.

Second, I would recommend that Harold’s implement a change management process in order to more effectively communicate changes made throughout their systems both internally and externally. Change management ensures that any modifications to existing systems are properly documented from start to finish so as not to create confusion with staff members or customers who access these systems on a regular basis. Having a documented trail of changes also makes it easier for troubleshooting any issues later down the line because one knows exactly what was changed at what point in time and why it was done so.

The lessons learned from this story can easily be applied to my own retail store problem which is keeping track of inventory levels across multiple locations through an effective inventory control system set up process . Specifically, I could develop SOPs outlining how stock levels need to be tracked between stores such as how often counts need to take place and how much stock needs reordering in each location based on current demands while taking into account delivery times associated with vendors providing items needed for restocking purposes. Additionally, implementing a change management process leading up to any modifications being made within our stores’ data systems will help ensure accurate communication flows smoothly among departments and staff members having access those same data points.

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