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My community’s health is generally good, although there are still some areas where it needs improvement. The major strengths of my community include the strong diversity and tight-knit nature of its residents, as well as its many educational opportunities. My hope for my community in the future is that it continues to stay connected while also continuing to strive for better accessibility, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of life.

One thing that has resonated with me throughout this course is the importance of being mindful of our own biases and how they can influence our interactions with others – both within our communities and beyond them. Learning about implicit bias and intersectionality was particularly eye-opening for me when it comes to understanding how different factors – such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class status – can affect a person’s access to resources or even their experiences at work or school.

Another thing I have learned from this course is the importance of having an understanding of public health policies and interventions. Having a comprehensive picture of what works (and what doesn’t) helps us ensure that important people are able to receive services that help promote better overall health outcomes for everyone in our communities – not just those who might be more privileged than others.

Finally, one lesson I will take away from this course is the need for empathy when engaging with any population within a given community. It’s easy enough to recognize differences between individuals based on surface level characteristics; however, taking time to understand someone else’s perspective before making assumptions allows us all grow together instead of apart. This kind of compassion goes hand in hand with promoting better social cohesion amongst members within a community setting.

Overall, by taking part in this course I have been able to gain valuable insights into how we can improve upon current public health conditions both locally and globally!

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