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One of my favorite exercise routines is High Intensity Partner Weight Training. This type of physical activity contributes to overall physical, social, mental and emotional well-being by promoting strength building, increased flexibility and balance, better coordination, improved endurance and cardiovascular health. It also provides an opportunity for social interaction with a partner or group in a fun environment.

High Intensity Partner Weight Training involves performing exercises such as squats, shoulder presses, chest presses and deadlifts while working together with one or more partners. The goal should be to do the most amount of repetitions within the allotted time frame without compromising form or safety. To participate in this type of workout routine you will need access to various types of weights (dumbbells, barbells etc.) as well as other pieces of equipment like benches and racks for heavier lifts. A knowledgeable coach can help ensure proper form and instruction on how to safely use the weights when first starting out with this type of exercise.

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