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“The Problem-Oriented Approach to Primary Care”.

This podcast is an audio version of a presentation given by Dr. Jeffrey Linder, Professor of Medicine and Chief Innovation Officer at Harvard Medical School. He discusses how primary care physicians can use the problem-oriented approach to better serve their patients’ needs. This approach involves using evidence-based medicine and the patient’s medical history to identify the root cause of any symptoms presented and then developing individualized treatment plans for each patient. The talk also examines how technology can be used to help improve the accuracy of diagnosis and streamline processes within a practice structure.

I chose this podcast because it covers topics related to my field of study – health informatics – which focuses on optimizing healthcare through IT systems and data management techniques. After listening to this podcast I learned about Dr.Linder’s take on primary care delivery reform, as well as some aspects that need improvement in order for it to be successful such as diagnostic accuracy, clinical decision support, evidence-based guidelines compliance, and value-based reimbursement strategies. Additionally, I was able to gain insight into how technology can assist practice operations by improving efficiency and accuracy with tools such as electronic medical records (EMRs).

Anyone taking this course should listen to this podcast because it provides useful information regarding current challenges faced by primary care providers, how they are currently being addressed through various measures like EMRs systems among others, as well as potential ways these challenges could be further improved or solved with new innovations in healthcare technology. By understanding what issues exist within our health system today we will have greater knowledge when developing solutions in our own work that aim towards making healthcare more accessible and cost effective for all patients no matter where they live or what their financial situation may be.

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