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Apple’s Vision/Mission Statement: Apple’s mission statement is “To make a contribution to the world by creating tools that help people realize their dreams.” Steve Jobs, Apple’s late founder and CEO, explained the company’s vision in three words: “Think differently.” This vision was also extended to include a commitment to making products accessible and easy to use for everyone.

External Environment: The external environment of Apple includes segments such as macroeconomic factors, technological advancements and competition. Macroeconomic factors refer to economic forces that affect all firms such as inflation rates, exchange rates and taxes while technological advances refer primarily to the development of new technology that influences how businesses are run. Competition is an important factor in the external environment which has been increasing due to globalization. Strategies used by competitors can range from pricing strategies, product differentiation or advertising campaigns.

Porter’s Five Forces Model: Porter’s Five Forces model is used as a framework for analyzing industry structure and Competitive Strategy; it consists of five components which are buyer power, supplier power, threat of substitutes, intensity of rivalry among existing players in the market and barriers of entry into the market (Porter 1980). In Apple’s case these forces have many implications on its business strategies. Buyer Power refers to buyers having higher bargaining power when they purchase from suppliers; this can be seen with end users who demand more features at lower prices from Apple products thus giving them more control over prices offered by Apple Supplier Power refers to suppliers having higher leverage when dealing with firms like Apple; again this applies well in terms of end user expectations where price becomes an increasingly important factor Threat Of Substitutes helps establish competitive pressure within industries since customers may choose other similar products if current options do not meet their needs Intensity Of Rivalry highlights competition between existing companies in order increase their respective profits Barriers To Entry highlights restrictions or obstacles present when trying enter into specific markets

Internal Environment: The internal environment includes resources such as financial capital intellectual capital human capital physical assets organizational capabilities core competencies processes systems technologies support services etc Resources are those tangible intangible assets owned controlled or utilized by an organization Financial Capital represents cash flow needed for day-to-day operations Intellectual Capital encompasses knowledge skills experience ideas insights creativity innovation values attitudes etc Human Capital refers personnel employed either directly indirectly Physical Assets comprise buildings equipments vehicles machines computers telecommunication facilities furniture fittings etc Organizational Capabilities refer collective competences firm acquires develops over time Core Competencies encompass set unique resources abilities company deploys strategically create competitive advantage Processes Systems Technologies Support Services include procedures information technologies customer service after sales-service technical assistance etc Value Chain Analysis involves dissection entire value chain activities two categories primary activities support activities SWOT Analysis stands strengths weaknesses opportunities threats organization Business Model defines way generates revenues produces delivers goods services Type Business Level Strategy used indicates variety methods firm uses pursue competitiveness Competitor Analysis helps identify analyze performance competitor organizations place target markets International Opportunities available multinational scope international development strategy Organization Structure Leadership provides decisions based hierarchical pyramid Innovation crucial component developing sustainable competitive advantages

Recommendations: Based on our analysis we recommend that Apple focus on further strengthening its core competencies through investments in research & development training programs employee engagement campaigns & incentives strategic partnerships acquisitions collaborations with venture capitalists embracing digital transformation initiatives leveraging its innovative brand image maintaining strong supplier relationships expanding market presence globally & diversifying business models adapting changing consumer trends investing heavily marketing communications enhancing its lead generation efforts implementing effective cost management techniques optimizing operational efficiency & improving supply chain management processes Additionally there should be significant emphasis placed on innovating new products services & solutions focusing greater attention sustainability initiatives building corporate social responsibility reputation fostering collaborative work environments throughout organization emphasizing diversity inclusion open communication practices experimenting with emerging technologies utilizing data analytics artificial intelligence machine learning automation technology staying ahead ever evolving IT landscape

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