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The risk factors prior to the death of the four daughters were numerous. The family had a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, poverty, and mental health issues which all contributed to their inability to adequately care for and protect their children. Additionally, there were reports that the parents had threatened or neglected their children in the past, yet they continued to live in an unsafe environment without any intervention from child protective services or other authorities.

In my opinion, I believe that these deaths could have been prevented if there was better communication between authorities as well as stronger enforcement of existing policies regarding child welfare. It is clear that the family was not receiving sufficient support despite multiple red flags being present such as domestic abuse and neglect allegations against the parents. Furthermore, even though there were several reports made by concerned individuals about potential harm towards the children; these weren’t taken seriously enough by either law enforcement or Child Protective Services (CPS).

In order to prevent further tragedies like this from occurring again it is important for everyone involved – including family members and friends – to be aware of signs of neglect or abuse so that they can act appropriately when faced with a potentially dangerous situation concerning children’s welfare. Furthermore, law enforcement should ensure that reported cases are investigated thoroughly and CPS should intervene whenever possible in order to provide necessary assistance and resources for families who cannot adequately care for their own children due to various reasons such as poverty or mental illness. Lastly, measures must also be taken within communities at large to create an environment where those affected by child neglect are seen as victims rather than perpetrators since it is often difficult for them report cases due to feelings of guilt or shame associated with not being able to properly take care of one’s own offspring.

When it comes lesson learned while investigating child abuse and neglect it is important always err on caution when dealing with cases involving minors since any failure on part may result in tragic outcomes like what happened with this family-of-six . Secondly ,it is imperative for authorities involved with such investigations (e.g., police officers ,social workers etc.)to remain impartial throughout proceedings so justice can be served accordingly . Thirdly , every effort must be made by investigators when conducting interviews during case assessment ; this includes ensuring that witnesses feel comfortable enough speaking out about events leading up/occurring after tragedy has occurred . Lastly , community involvement plays a major role in prevention efforts so building relationships between local agencies / organizations dedicated towards helping vulnerable population groups can go long way providing much needed resources/personnel support during times crisis(Young et al., 2016).

References: Young JQ et al.(2016) Risk Factors Associated With Fatal Child Abuse Among Children Less Than 5 Years Old: Implications For Prevention & Future Research Directions In Infant Mental Health Journal 37(4): 435-451

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