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1. Becoming active in the nursing profession beyond the bedside can take many forms. Nurses can join professional organizations to keep up with new developments, advocate for change, and receive continuing education credits. They can also get involved in local or state health care initiatives by attending public meetings or writing letters to elected officials on issues that impact healthcare delivery. Additionally, nurses may volunteer at local health clinics, serve as peer mentors for new nurses and students entering into the profession, or start a mentorship program within their own healthcare facility. By taking initiative and being an active participant in the discussion of how best to provide patient-centered care, nurses become part of a larger effort towards improving health outcomes and promoting better access to care across all populations.

2. After reviewing the article on nursing organizations one organization that interests me is The American Nurses Association (ANA). This organization has been advocating for nursing since 1896 with a mission “to advance professional nursing practice through advocacy, accreditation, certification and other activities that enhance quality care and promote safe work environments” (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2021). I am interested in this organization because it has a long history of fighting for nurse rights such as better pay increases, safer working conditions and more equitable benefits packages. It also keeps its members informed about current trends in healthcare policy so they are able to make well-informed decisions when providing patient care.

3. My beliefs regarding professional nursing organizations are positive overall; I believe belonging to them is beneficial both personally and professionally for those who choose to do so. Professional organizations provide networking opportunities that allow members to connect with like minded individuals who share similar values when it comes providing quality patient centered care which helps foster collaboration among colleagues from different backgrounds leading towards improved patient outcomes ultimately benefiting society as whole . Professional associations also regularly host conferences where they discuss important topics relevant to their membership base such as recent changes in healthcare laws , medical advancements , updates in protocols , educational resources & scholarships etcetera which keeps everyone up-to date on all current information pertaining their respective field .

4. The type of specialty I am most interested in is neonatal intensive care nursing due its challenging nature but equally gratifying rewards associated with it . Working closely with premature babies & providing constant monitoring while administering life saving treatments requires strong technical skills along with compassionate understanding making it perfect fit my personality .I want help critically ill children reach full potential physically & emotionally by offering dedicated support throughout their journey giving them hope amidst difficult times

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