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Acquisition planning and post award competencies are important for any type of organization, whether it is a business, the military or a non-profit organization. Acquisition planning involves determining the objectives and scope of the acquisition process, identifying resources available to meet those objectives, creating an acquisition plan that outlines how those resources will be used to reach goals as efficiently as possible, and ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of their roles in the acquisition process. Post award competencies involve monitoring progress towards meeting goals outlined in the acquisition plan; making adjustments if required; reporting on results; negotiating contracts with suppliers when necessary; evaluating proposals received from vendors; awarding contracts to successful bidders; managing risk associated with acquisitions and resolving conflicts among stakeholders.

In businesses, these competencies allow them to purchase goods and services at competitive prices while minimizing risks associated with acquiring materials and supplies. In the military, they enable them to purchase mission critical items such as weapons systems or aircrafts quickly without compromising on quality or cost. Non-profits can benefit from these practices by ensuring that expenditures are made for appropriate programs or projects in order to maximize return on investment.

Overall, effective acquisition planning and post award competencies help organizations achieve their desired outcomes through efficient use of funds while maintaining high standards for quality control across all levels involved in procurement processes. This helps create long-term sustainability for organizations since it encourages best practices in how resources are allocated throughout departments within an organization.

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