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One academic individual I would select to collaborate with as a successful student in an MSN program and as a practicing nurse is my professor. Collaborating with my professor during the MSN program will help ensure that I fully understand the material being taught and provide me with additional resources outside of class should there be any areas of confusion. My professor can also serve as a mentor, providing guidance on career paths or advice on how to succeed in the nursing profession. Additionally, my professor can connect me to potential employers upon graduation so I am more likely to get hired following completion of the program. This collaboration with my professor will support me both academically and professionally throughout the duration of my studies and post-graduation endeavors.

Another academic individual that could support success in an MSN Program is an advisor specifically focused on helping students navigate their coursework within their field of study, such as nursing. The advisor’s primary role would be to support students by offering direction in their selection of courses while taking into account other obligations they may have such as work or family life. They would also ensure all prerequisites are met prior to enrolling in certain classes and could advise when it’s appropriate for a student take elective courses due to lack course availability or scheduling concerns. Overall, having access to this type of academic resource would significantly reduce stress levels associated with trying determine which classes are needed for graduation and make sure all requirements for licensure are fulfilled before graduating from the program.

In addition academic collaboration, two professional individuals/teams that should be considered include coworkers from current job placement(s) and members from local healthcare networks (i.e., hospitals). Working side by side with coworkers within one’s current job setting allows for open dialogue regarding best practices among colleagues while gaining insight into various facets related clinical duties; this creates opportunity learn new skillsets which ultimately leads increased confidence once officially entering practice after completing graduate level studies.. Local healthcare networks like nearby hospitals can also provide valuable feedback concerning aspects such as patient care delivery approaches used at specific institutions; thus allowing further understanding hospital operations through hands-on experience shadowing experienced nurses during shift changes or when covering off duty shifts if available.. Most importantly however these professional relationships created through networking have potential lead internships/job opportunities post-graduation; making them invaluable asset moving forward one’s nursing career journey future opportunities could arise from these associations down road .

All collaborations described above will ultimately support success both academically personally–from classroom learning betterment overall body knowledge gain confidence working environment through obtaining mentorship developing meaningful professional relations ongoing instruction outside lecture hall.. With these key collaborations place leverage built up steadily facilitate smoother transition between stages educational pursuits respective practice settings desired destination long run.

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