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The most challenging aspect of a physician’s role as the administrator of a group practice is finding the balance between providing excellent care to patients and managing the financial and administrative aspects of running a business. Physicians are trained to treat patients, not manage a business. This can be difficult, as they must ensure that their practice remains profitable while also ensuring that patient care remains their top priority.

The physician must be able to manage both aspects—providing high-quality patient care and being an effective manager—in order for the practice to remain successful. Furthermore, physicians need to stay up-to-date on ever-changing regulations and technology in order run their practice effectively. This requires extensive time and effort, which often takes away from time spent with patients or other clinical duties. Additionally, dealing with staff issues related to scheduling, payroll, or morale can be tough for physicians who are not used to managing personnel on such a large scale. Overall, balancing these disparate tasks is one of the biggest challenges of administering a group practice and is something that requires significant skill regardless of whether the physician has prior experience in management or not.

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